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  • Congratulations to MESC ‘06G for going undefeated at the ASK Showcase!
  • CONGRATULATIONS to MESC ‘10G!! The ‘10s went undefeated and finished first place at The Columbia Fall Classic!

About Maryland Elite:

Maryland Elite was founded by a small group of like minded soccer coaches in 2010 with the objective to provide the best tactical and technical training for players and teams in the Southern Maryland area.

As our coaching staff and team base grew, it became painfully obvious that there was no local soccer club that understood how to provide the right environment/culture to consistently breed elite players or teams. We found that this was mostly due to boards that were staffed with parent volunteers that were either uneducated (about soccer at the highest level, much less how to get players there), or only there to push a personal agenda.

So, in 2013…due to popular demand and out of pure necessity, Calvert Elite founded Maryland Elite Soccer Club (a Maryland State Youth Soccer Association member club).

Maryland-Elite Soccer Club is not a volunteer staffed club. MESC is run by a professional staff of elite soccer coaches that work as a team to provide the best environment to produce elite players and teams. Warning: MESC is for players that want to develop into Elite Players only!! We are not a recreational program, nor will we ever be. 

We Cater to the developmental needs of Elite Players... we DO NOT cater to parents!

What is an Elite Player, you ask? Please take the time to read this article by Gary Kleiban of for a great explanation!


Welcome to Maryland-Elite SC!

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