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Travel Academy FAQ

What team is my player on?

  • Maryland-Elite SC is ran academy-style, which means that there are not "teams". Since the MESC Academy Program is a developmental academy, groups of players who will be combined for participation in seasonal opportunities (I.e. a league, tournament, showcase, etc.,) are chosen by individual player’s ability and developmental level.  Our Academy players train and play as a Club, not as a team.  Our Academy is not a recreational based travel program, which focuses on team specifics.  We are an academy, which focuses on elite, individual player development. 

Are there any additional costs, separate from program/registration fees?

  • Program/Registration fees cover one calendar year of Travel Academy Programming with the Club.
    • The fee provides your player with a year's worth of MESC Travel Academy Practices, Games, Events, Tournaments, Showcases, Carding, Recruitment Resources, etc.. - depending on Academy Level)
    • Program Breakdown: 
  • Additional costs include:
    • Uniforms: Full Field Player Kit: $150 / Full GK Kit: $180
    • Practice T-Shirt: < $30
    • Travel Expenses

What league/division do [insert age group] play in?

  • The sole focus of a member of the Maryland-Elite SC Academy should be their development as an individual player in lieu of participation in set leagues or events.  
  • The only "division" that should matter and that we recognize/discuss is the collegiate division that our players are sent to compete at. 
  • Our focus is on turning individual players into the best possible version of themselves; we train our players with the goal of promoting them to and developing them into successful collegiate and professional players.

How do I order a Uniform?

  • MESC Academy uniform orders happen twice a year: Summer and Winter. If your player has joined the Club between orders, you will be given a MESC guest player kit to borrow until the next uniform order takes place. 

How do I order Spirit Wear?

  • Follow the link below to shop from MESC's year-round spirit wear shop through Squadlocker.  Spirit wear items are available for players, families, and MESC fans. Additionally, grey practice tees (part of MESC's practice uniform) are available! Orders ship individually 6 to 12 business days after they are placed, tracking information is emailed upon shipment:

How do I add an email address to receive emails?